Laura Leff, Holistic Chef & Nutrition Educator

family, nutrition, heart.

My journey into exploring nutrition initially began after my beloved father passed on from stomach cancer at the young age of 48. From that experience, I was compelled to learn about the relationship between food and our bodies. Just as Hippocrates, I believe food is medicine. The care in preparation and intent behind the creator is also influential. My intention is to always cook from the heart.

Postpartum chef service.

I have been serving the Bay Area as a Holistic Chef & Nutrition Educator for the last decade. After earning my MS in Holistic Nutrition in 2008 I set out to share my passion by teaching others how choosing to eat healthfully could enliven them in mind, body, and spirit.

Becoming a mother in 2016 inspired me to focus on feeding families through my cooking after the miracle of a baby. I understand how essential it is after giving birth to nourish mom and baby. It’s an honor to be apart of this cherished time in helping your family stay happy and healthy. My meals are healing from their comforting tastes and extremely fresh and nutrient-dense ingredients.

bay area healthy private chef

International passion on your plate.

I am a free spirit by nature and my passion for traveling has landed me in some really amazing countries. Which includes, living abroad in Costa Rica and Paris. I adore learning about other cultures and their traditions around food. As a Holistic Chef, I bring this passion to the plate with flavor, innovation, seasonality and worldly ingredients.

I look forward to cooking a delightful plate up for you and yours!