Seasonal, Local, Organic, Unprocessed

Chef Leff is skilled in choosing the best of the best food for your health and enjoyment.

She uses only organic/pesticide-free ingredients, and meats from pasture-based, sustainable, small farms.

The ingredients are hand chosen from different farms to make sure that you are getting foods that are grown from different soil, which provides you with a variety of nutrients. This is essential for overall health because a lot of soil is degraded through poor agricultural practices.

She also uses very limited sugar, mostly using coconut sugar, local honey and maple syrup.

All the meals are made from scratch.


A sampling of Meals & Soups:


  • Sesame-Ginger glazed Wild Salmon, Lundberg black rice, braised Pak Choi, nori pickled salad
  • Rogan Josh (curried lamb with a tomato base) with braised carrots, Lundberg basmati rice
  • Lemongrass-Ginger Thai Beef with braised eggplant, onion & red cabbage over rice noodles
  • Kumquat, Roasted Whole Chicken, quinoa with almonds and dried figs, seasonal veggies
meal prepared in home by private chef for new moms and families in the San Francisco Bay Area of California


  • Spring Vegetable Soup, from Basque Country
  • Creamy Coconut-Broccoli
  • Creamy Cauliflower
  • Smoky Red Lentil
soup prepared in home by private postpartum chef after birth of new child