Bay Area postpartum Chef Services

Nutritious and delicious meals prepared in your home to get you through the week. 

How does the postpartum meal service work?

1.  Chef Leff creates an individualized menu, once a week, custom-tailored to your family’s needs.

2.  She goes grocery shopping for you at farmers markets, Berkeley Bowl, Monterey Market, and sometimes sources produce and meat directly from local, organic farms.

3.  Chef Leff arrives at your home on the agreed upon day of the week for 3-4 hours and prepares your meals.

4.  She packs everything into your fridge with labels and instructions, cleans up your kitchen, and says "bon appetit!"


  • 3 Meals with 4-5 Servings Per Meal = Total of 12-15 Servings of Food For the Week
  • 6-8 servings of 1 type of soup
  • Grocery shopping ($125-$160 on average, same every week. No need to fuss over grocery receipts.)
  • Professional menu planning
  • Clean up

Your health investment starts at $495 a week. (Price and quantities vary depend on the package you choose based on the size of your family. More info on pricing.)

How to get Chef Leff into your kitchen.

Reserve a block of time for each week or start with a one-time, one-week trial to taste test the experience.

When you reserve a block of time, you are guaranteed that Chef Leff’s services will be yours when you need them. Two options for reserving a block of time: prepaid one month or prepaid six month.

If there isn’t a current opening, we are happy to add you to the waitlist.

Schedule your complimentary phone call now to get started!